Steel Platforms

Description of steel platforms

Description of steel platforms

Steel platforms

The current demand of particular goods and products is constantly growing. This makes individual businesses and logistics centers to increase the capacity for storage, but also to minimize the cost associated to the operation. Therefore the continuity of material and information flow must be ensured, the business needs must be synchronized with the customer requirements, stock management should be optimized, the optimal settings for individual activities should emphasize on efficiency, safety and minimizing the temporal and spatial losses.

Steel platforms – detail description

In general we can say that each storage is equipped with sophisticated logistics system with pallet racking and their modifications, shelving galleries, cantilever racks etc.

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Steel platforms help multiply the usable area of the warehouse

Another important element of warehouse equipment is the steel storage platforms that are ideal way for simple and without structural modifications increasing the capacity of storage space either in entirely or at least in a section of the warehouse and take advantage of the maximum height of the warehouse or hall. This technology is also fondly used in existing production facilities, where it is possible to locate the machine under this structure and on the floor to locate the warehouse management. This leads naturally to maximum and optimum utilization of space around the ground floor and storage platforms. The ideal combination of storage platforms is with high shelf galleries where it is possible to store the material by hand, achieving an elaborate system of multi-storey warehouses. Floor storage platforms can be used as an open area for location of pallets material, individual boxes, individual pieces of material, for location of another system shelving, or build office space out of plasterboard. Materials handling on the warehouse platform floor can be done mostly by using manual forklift or by hand. Unlike the platform, the floor for storing in the warehouse between the steel pillars it is by client choice.

The height of the floor is determined by the wishes and needs of customers

Storing platforms are mainly designed for indoor warehouses and manufacturing buildings that have quality concrete floor. They are designed and constructed according to the wishes and requirements of the client in the manner of storage and disposal of the material and the desired load and platform design. Given that the wishes and requirements of users are different (space between columns, floor height warehouse platforms, shape of the platform, the number of levels of floors etc.), each storage platform is unique. Storing platforms are constructed with load capacity of 200 kg/m² to 900 kg/m². The height of the floor aisle to the platform mustn’t be lower than 2100 mm. This also applies to the height between floors. The steel platforms can have one or more floors.

Main structure of the steel platforms

Steel platforms are structurally designed to satisfy the CSN and safety regulations and they are subject to strict static calculations. Platforms are self-supporting prefabricated structures of partially welded parts. They are made of ordinary steel rolled profiles, which are reinforced with cross bracing. Anchoring the platforms on to the pillars and walls of buildings is normally not considered due to the possibility of static distortion of the building.

Supporting columns

The pillars of storage platforms are mainly made of rolled steel profiles TR4HR, HEA or HEB type. Both ends are provided with metal flanges with holes for bolts. The bottom end is used for anchoring the pillars in concrete floors with chemical anchors; the top end is used to connect the pillars with the main beams.

Main and secondary beams of the steel platforms

The main beams are mainly made of rolled steel profiles IPE type, or of special shaped profiles "sigma". At the connection with the columns are reinforced with metal sheets. On the upright profiles there are welded plates (or made holes) for connection with the secondary beams. The main beams have welded metal plates for possible connections for railing.

Secondary beams are mainly made of steel rolled profiles type IPE, special shaped profiles, "sigma", Z, or C. At both ends there are screw holes for connection to the main beams. Secondary beams have welded metal plates for possible connections for railing.

Access with staircase between platform floors

Part of the steel platforms is the stair access to every level of the platform floors. The stairs are made of two sided bent sheets, placed on the suitable part of the rail. Side panels have screw holes for installing the stairs with appropriate length and width. Angle staircase ranges from 30 ° to 45 °. Staircase width varies according to specific requirements of the client for platform height 800 mm and above.

The floor can be either wood or steel

The platform form is made by the wishes and needs of the client. It can be made from chipboard, chipboard with a non-slip surface, of OSB, chipboard combination with corrugated steel, single sheets, steel grates of panels (solid or hollow). The chipboard screws are attached directly in the main and secondary beams, steel gratings and floor panels are attached to each beam using special mounting couplings. Steel gratings and floor panels are supplied in a galvanized finish.

Steel platforms and work safety at heights

Storage platform in each floor are provided with railings with baseboard in places where it is needed. The upper edge of the handrail above floor level is normally at a height of 1100 mm and height of the baseboard is normally 100 mm. According to the requirements of the client in places where it is needed the handrail is interrupted and can be inserted a door for weighing material. There can be sliding gates, opening one or two wings, tilt, etc., but always in continuation of the railing. The widths of individual doors are variable according to needs and are equipped with a device against accidental opening.

Accessories such as elevator between floors

It is also possible to equip the storage platforms with all sorts of accessories, such as transport elevator for high-volume material, various chutes, lockable gates at the entrance or exit of the stairs, temporary cover protection for the floor, security for the floor pillars, marking with labels or magnets, labeling using barcodes, lighting the space under the platform etc.

Choice of color for the steel platform

The finishing coat of the storage platform for indoor use is normally performed at the factory with spray paint in the desired color RAL. In a case when the client requires for increased fire resistance of the structure a protection of special colors is sprayed on or wrapped the supporting structural parts with mineral wool plates.