Cantilevered Racks

Description of cantilevered racks

Description of cantilevered racks

Cantilever racks – general description

It is in the nature of PROMAN’s cantilever racks to efficiently utilize and increase the capacity of the storage space in your warehouse and to contribute to the clarity of the deposited materials and goods. It is a proven rack system with simple installation.

The design of the cantilever racks is ideal for storing different kind of tube or plate material (such as bars, pipes, rods, coils, plates, sheets etc.), and even if the stored material exceeds the standard size for storing in pallet racks. Its advantage is the ability to accommodate various lengths, shapes and dimensions of the stored material and to provide high storage capacity for each level, clarity and immediate access to the stored material. The most common use of cantilever racking system is in the warehouses of metallurgical materials, production processes or as an input tray material before production lines.

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Ways to store in cantilever shelves

Tube or plate material can be stored on the console racks individually or as a bundle as a whole handling unit. To maintain the stability of the materials, it must always be stored on two or more brackets on the same level of the storage rack. There is also a non standard way of storing material with using special accessories supplied by the manufacturer.

Cantilever racks are universally applicable

In combination with use of shelves in different storage levels, cantilever racks can become completely universal and flexible storage system for storing material for euro pallets, non standard pallets, loosely small material or material of varying length and weights, particularly in cases where the range and type of stored material changes frequently. Platforms can be made of chipboard, galvanized steel floor gratings or galvanized panels (solid or hollow). Platforms must be placed on longitudinal beams.

Console racks on more floors

The cantilever racks system offers a variant to spread it in the length of the warehouse and build a steel platform. On the upper end of the column, bracket is secured with main and side beams that construct the floor of the platform. The floor platform can be made of chipboard, galvanized steel floor gratings or galvanized panels (solid or hollow). Floor storage platform can be used as an open area for installation of different shelves rack system, storing boxes, pallets, individual pieces of material, or build closed office space with plasterboards. This will provide maximum usage of the space. Access to the platform is with stairs. Individual cantilever racks can be placed on a mobile chassis to create a mobile rack system that will provide even more space for storage. This creates only one central aisle wide as necessary to choose or put aside chosen goods.

Options for capacity and construction of the racks

Console racks are mainly designed for indoor warehouses and manufacturing warehouses, and also for outdoor storage on high quality concrete. They can be constructed according to the wishes and requirements of the client in the manner of storage and disposal of the material and the desired load of storage levels. Given that the wishes and requirements of users are different (spacing of columns, column length, length of storage brackets, the number of storage consoles, console load, equipment rack floor-panels etc.), each cantilever rack is designed as a separate entity. Cantilever racks are designed to load different consoles from 50 kg to 2000 kg, length of storage consoles from 500 mm to 2000 mm, spaced columns of 1000 mm or more (depending on the length of the deposited material) as the height of the column of 2000 mm above the number of storage consoles.

Anchoring the cantilever racks

Cantilever racks are designed and constructed according to CSN norm and safety regulations and are subject to static calculation. Cantilever racks are self-supporting prefabricated structures of partially welded parts. They are made of ordinary steel rolled profiles, which are hardened using horizontal and vertical connection rods with belt tensions. The anchoring of the structure of the cantilever rack to the floor is with steel anchors, but anchoring into columns and walls of buildings is normally not considered due to the possibility of static distortion of the building.

Many variants of cantilever racks

Cantilever racks are available in many variants – one-sided column, two-sided column, one-sided column at angle, two-side column at angle, consoles with same or different length, screwed columns, welded columns, consoles screwed to column, consoles welded to column. One-sided consoles different by length are placed at the bottom of the column the longest than the shortest and all the consoles are placed perpendicular to the column – this also refers to the columns at angle.

Something about the design of the cantilever rack

The columns of the cantilever racks with legs are mainly made of rolled steel profiles type IPE, HEA or HEB. They can be screwed or welded. The legs at both ends of the sheet metal base have holes for anchoring to the floor. The ends of the columns have circular holes on every 100mm that are used for screwing the storage consoles in height. The column profile is different depending on the required load, its height and the number of storage consoles.

Storage consoles are mainly made of steel rolled profiles type IPE or TR4HR. Consoles at the one end have steel sheet with holes for screwing to the column and at the opposite end there is a holder for a pin that stops the material from falling.

A horizontal connection between the columns determines the distance between them. Vertical and crossed profiles and tensions ensures the stability of the whole structure. They always are installed in a pair and crossed, and the number of pairs is determined by the height and length of the rack (always must to have at least one cross bracing).

Accessories and finish of the cantilever racks

It is possible to equip the cantilever racks with all sorts of accessories, such as ending pins, safety features, lockable gates, roof for outdoor usage, marking with labels, magnets, barcodes, lighting etc.

The finishing coat of the cantilever rack is normally performed at the factory with spray paint in the desired RAL color and is for use in indoor spaces or hot dip galvanizing for outdoor storage to prevent risk corrosion.