PROMAN Rack Systems are suitable for almost all areas: food, mill and processing, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, metal, wood and other branches of the manufacturing industry and distribution of finished and unfinished products, in agriculture, in public administration and for all types of storage facility (open, close and covered warehouses), distribution centers, coolers, cargo centers, libraries, archives, banks, customs warehouses, vine cellars, sales and office space etc.

PROMAN – one of the leading European supplier for storing solution

  • Projection and delivery in the area of the entire supplies of rack systems for warehouses
  • On the markets in Czech Republic and Slovak Republic one of the leading suppliers of all types of rack systems
  • We react quick and efficient on customers’ needs for storage

Сталажни системи на PROMAN

  • Free offer
  • Checking inspections
  • Customers service
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Certificates from authorized institutions